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Reception Class Visit the Cinema

On Wednesday 7th January 2015 our Reception class visited the Red Carpet Cinema at Barton Marina to watch Penguins of Madagascar. 


The crazy penguins must save the world from an evil octopus in this fabulous spin-off adventure!  Meet Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico.   The flightless quartet lead double lives as secret agents!  Now an old foe has re-emerged. Dave the octopus always hated penguins for being cuter than himself.  Posing Dr. Octavius Brine, he's vowed to take revenge on them and everyone else from his lair in Venice!  Luckily, our heroes have some new allies.  They've joined forces with North Wind, an elite undercover inter-species task force led by a very serious wolf named Classified.


All children received a drink and biscuits and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, for some this was the first time they had visited a cinema!