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Class 4P

Welcome to Class 4P!


Our teacher is Miss Akhtar and our teaching assistant is Mr Olszynski.

There are 28 children in our class - 15 boys and 13 girls.


Our Class Codes


  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect everyone and everything.
  • Be a good listener and try your best.
  • Be proud to be in the Victoria team.
  • Show good manners.

Our Class Timetable



Homework is set every Friday to be returned by Tuesday.  Children are given a piece of English and a piece of Maths to consolidate their learning during the week.  At times, there may be homework related to other aspects of the curriculum.  Please support your child with their homework and encourage them to try their best.

Reading Olympics


As part of our Reading Olympics we encourage children to read daily at home.  Please support your child to read on a daily basis and sign their Reading Journals.  We aim to hear all the children read in class through individual reading and guided reading.

Behaviour Ambassador

Our Behaviour Ambassador for Autumn 1 is Aafiya. She was elected by the class for always setting a good example of behaviour at all times.

For Autumn 2 term, the class chose Zohra to be Behaviour Ambassador because she is always on Green and is a great role model.

This term Spring 2 our Behaviuor Ambassador is Jasiya. She is such a polite, kind and always well behavied role model for everyone in our school.

School Council

The class elected Zohra and Amaad as our representatives on the School Council.


Sports Council

Year 4P's sports council members are Ali and Jasiya.


E-safety Council - Smartbots

Our representatives on the E-safety council are Shahroz and Madihah.


Well done to you all!

Creative Curriculum


As part of our Creative Curriculum these are the topics we will be covering:


Visit to Abbot Beyne School and experiencing the Forensic Science lesson.
APEX WALL CLIMBING at Green Bank Leisure Centre in Swadlincote. What a great time we had!!! Bouncy castle, professional fitness training and amazing wall climbing !!!
The World Word Two experience in The Museum of Cannock Chace. Our class enjoyed exciting activities such as: mock air raid, rationing demonstration, visiting 1940's room with household artefacts, feely box activity and evacuation drama workshop. We all had "funtastic" time !!

May Day in Victoria School - The first day of the month of May is known as May Day. It is the time of year when warmer weather begins and flowers and trees start to blossom. It is when people celebrate the coming of summer with lots of different customs that are expressions of joy and hope after a long winter.

7th of March 2017 Absolutely amazing Bhangra performance in front of Y3 and Y4 children.
6th of March 2017 We pracitced our circus skills at Victoria Orchard Site. And what fun we had...

16th of March 2017 - SCIENCE DAY. Both classes 4P & 4M worked together making "lava lamps" and enjoyed doing experiments. Later on we watched a rocket being launched outside on the playground. Awesome day!!!

Power of the "electricity".

Still image for this video

Rocket launch.

Still image for this video
3rd of March - World Book Day - We walked to the Burton town and bought some nice books in “Waterstones”. We were all dressed as “fairy tale” characters and enjoyed World Book Day.

2nd of March  2017

Computing day and parents visit. We were writing our own "algorithm" and implemented our knowlege into the game called: "Moana: Wayfinding with Code".

February 28th 2017 -  "BHANGRA" experience in Victoria School. "Bhaṅgṛā"  is a type of upbeat popular music associated with Punjabi culture. It was later developed in England starting in the 1970s by people from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Year 4P enjoyed dancing with Rajeeth and playing drums with Ian. 

February 14th 2017 - Theatre visit (EDITH & ALBERT)

Today we enjoyed traveling to 3 European countries: France, Holland and Norway together with two fantastic actors Albert and Edith, simply by using our imagination.

Picture 1 Albert needed our help to find his letter.
Picture 2 Then came Edith and our journey began.
Picture 3 We searched on the World Map for Europe.
Picture 4 Albert was so funny!!
Picture 5 We built the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Picture 6 Frishta painted the windmill in Holland.
Picture 7 Together we built "The Dam".
Picture 8 We came to Norway with Albert "The Viking".
Picture 9 We took part in a Viking's food festival.
Picture 10 At the end, we travel back home in a Viking boat.

States of Matter - Science 30th November

Our topic this half term in Science is States of Matter -solids, liquids and gases. Today we conducted an experiment to see how different solids melt when heated and how different liquids react when frozen. We placed 50g of each solid -  butter, cheese, ice lolly, ice cubes and chocolate - in a cup and then placed them on the radiator pipe to heat for one hour. We measured 10ml of each liquid - cola, milk, yogurt, oil and water - and placed them in the freezer for one hour.

After the hour, all of the solids had melted, some more than others. The liquids had all frozen except for the oil.

Picture 1 Measuring our solids and liquids
Picture 2 The solids before we heated them
Picture 3 Liquids before we froze them
Picture 4 Solids after they were heated
Picture 5 Liquids after they were frozen
Picture 6 Liquids after they were frozen

Anti-bullying week 14 - 18th November 2016

As part of our PSHE lesson this week, we revisited an earlier lesson on bullying as it is Anti-bullying week. We looked at the posters we had designed and reminded ourselves what to do if we are being bullied or see someone else being bullied.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Space Centre Trip - 8th November 2016

Today we visited the National Space Centre in Leicester as part of our Creative Curriculum topic. We enjoyed visiting all the different areas, learning about things such as Planets, Space Travel and Astronauts. We particularly enjoyed our visit to the Planetarium.

Space Centre Trip

Space Centre Trip 1 Interactive investigations
Space Centre Trip 2
Space Centre Trip 3 Space Mission Badges
Space Centre Trip 4 Interactive Investigations
Space Centre Trip 5 Finding the meteorites
Space Centre Trip 6 Feeling how heavy a tin of beans is on each planet
Space Centre Trip 7 How much do I weigh on each of the planets
Space Centre Trip 8 Different types of rock
Space Centre Trip 9 Investigating using a Mars robot
Space Centre Trip 10 Using a microscope

Creative Curriculum Sharing Time - 21st October

Once we returned from the Science Fair, Years 3 and 4 shared with each other what they had been doing this half term in Creative Curriculum. We have enjoyed our topic of Fairgrounds. Frishta and Amaad explained to the other classes how, in 4P, we had researched the history of Burton's Statutes Fair, sketched our favourite fairground rides, planned and designed a ride we could make and then gone on to build a Ferris Wheel, some swing rides and our class rollercoaster.   We then enjoyed listening to, and looking at, what the other classes had done and made.


Picture 1 Sharing our Creative Curriculum Fairground work
Picture 2 Our completed Fairground rides

Environmental Science Week 17th-21st October

This week the whole school has celebrated Environmental Science week. On Monday, we walked to Shobnall Park, Outwoods Park and Orchard site to collect leaves, twigs, conkers and bark to use throughout the week. In the afternoon, we prepared our mini scarecrow bodies.

On Tuesday, we completed our scarecrows by covering the body with our nature finds. On Wednesday and Thursday, we used leaves to make leaf print bunting for our Science fair stall and we made our insect hotel, hedgehog house

and bird feeder.

Finally, on Friday, we walked to Orchard site and took part in the Key Stage 2 Science Fair. We enjoyed sharing what we had been doing with parents, visitors and other classes. It was also great to visit the other stalls to see what they had been up to.

Our mini-scarecrows and bird feeder are going to be displayed in the Nursery garden and our hedgehog house and insect hotel are under the hedgerow at Orchard site. In a couple of months, we plan to revisit them to see who is visiting our hotel and using our hedgehog house.

Environmental Science Week

Environmental Science Week 1 Outwoods park collecting conkers
Environmental Science Week 2 Shobnall park
Environmental Science Week 3 Mini scarecrow frame building
Environmental Science Week 4 Mini scarecrow frame building
Environmental Science Week 5 Completed scarecrow frame
Environmental Science Week 6 Making our scarecrows
Environmental Science Week 7 Adding detail
Environmental Science Week 8 Adding detail
Environmental Science Week 9 Hedgehog house
Environmental Science Week 10 Insect hotel
Environmental Science Week 11 Science Fair Stall
Environmental Science Week 12 Science Fair stall
Environmental Science Week 13 Science Fair

Thursday 13th October 2016 - Harvest Assembly

Today Year 4P and Year 4M presented a class assembly all about Harvest to the children at Orchard site. We talked about what Harvest is, how bread is made and spelt out different words using the letters from the word Harvest to give more information on this celebration. Finally, we sang the Harvest Samba.

Harvest Assembly

Harvest Assembly 1
Harvest Assembly 2
Harvest Assembly 3
Harvest Assembly 4
Harvest Assembly 5
Harvest Assembly 6
Harvest Assembly 7
Harvest Assembly 8

Thursday 6th October 2016 - No Pens Day, National Poetry Day

Today we celebrated No Pens Day and National Poetry day. 

For No Pens Day, we focus on using our Speaking and Listening skills. In Maths, we talked about shape and worked together to sort shapes using a Carroll diagram.

In English, as part of National Poetry Day,  we studied the poem Dinosaur Rap by John Foster. Firstly, we read through the poem as a class and then we worked in smaller groups, each group taking a verse and making it their own with speech and actions whilst we all did the chorus. We enjoyed rehearsing and performing our rap to the rest of the school at the end of the day in Assembly.

In the afternoon, we began to build our fairground rides in our Creative Curriculum lesson. Watch this space for pictures of our finished rides.

No Pens Day and National Poetry Day

No Pens Day and National Poetry Day 1
No Pens Day and National Poetry Day 2
No Pens Day and National Poetry Day 3
No Pens Day and National Poetry Day 4

Monday 3rd October 2016

Visit to statutes fair.

As part of our Creative Curriculum topic, Fairgrounds, we visited the Statutes fair in Burton on Trent to look at the different rides and capture the sights, sounds and smells of the fair.

Statutes Fair

Statutes Fair 1
Statutes Fair 2
Statutes Fair 3
Statutes Fair 4

Maths - Autumn 1 - Shape

This week in Maths, we are looking at 2D and 3D shape. Here we are working with our partners to identify properties of 2D shapes including name, number of sides and vertices.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13

Paired reading

Year 4P and Year 1M enjoy one paired reading session per week. One week Year 4 read to Year 1 and then the next week, we swap over. Here we are enjoying our sessions.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Science - Electricity

This half-term in Science, we are learning about Electricity. Here we are working together to work out how to build a circuit to light a bulb or a buzzer.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Roald Dahl Day 13th September 2016

Year 4P celebrated what would have been Roald Dahl's birthday by dressing up as Mr and Mrs Twit. 

During the day, we looked at character descriptions of The Twits and then we sketched and coloured our own drawings of Mr. Twit and Mrs. Twit. We also made Mr.Twit beards. Finally, we used a variety of adjectives to write a description of Mr.Twit and we produced 'Wanted' posters for him. It was fun and enjoyable day.

Roald Dahl day

Roald Dahl day 1 Our pictures of Mr and Mrs Twit

September 2016 Our new classroom

September 2016 Our new classroom 1 Celebrating diversity in 4P
September 2016 Our new classroom 2 Author of the term - David Walliams